Extracorporeal Liposuction Technique for Lipofilling after Standard Abdominoplasty Procedure

Alper Geyik, Cenk Demirdöver, Haluk Vayvada


Modern liposuction techniques are still evolving since the first description time.A lot of developments are made to decrease complications and increase patients safety and satisfaction.We would like to present our extracorporeal liposuction technique as an alternative development to fulfill these concerns
52 years old female abdominoplasty patient is presented with extracorporeal liposuction from excessive tissue of flaps that is taken away.
There are advantages and disadvantages of extracorporeal liposuction but could be thought as an alternative procedure to patients who don’t need additive liposuction procedure for liposculpture but do request lipofilling for rejuvenation Depending on our experience extracorporeal liposuction is a usable, time consuming and cost effective method. There could be additive studies whether this technique is better than other conventinal liposuction techniques because of adiposite derived stem cell content

Key Words:Liposuction, Lipofilling


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